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So, tomorrow is Juneteenth. Yesterday, at the last possible moment, Congress voted to make Juneteenth a federal holiday. Only 14 Republican Congressmen voted against it and Biden signed the law yesterday afternoon.

Here’s the thing, fellow white people.

Don’t be surprised to hear Black people not cheering this decision. First of all, it’s performative. (Which says something about those 14 Congressmen that isn’t very nice).

Second of all, we all know who works even harder on Federal holidays. “White people gave themselves a day off” is one comment I saw.

What we’ve taken to calling essential workers, more of whom…

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So, to give some insight into my thought processes at times. Last night, I was riding a horse named Maggie who is an amazing horse, but can get very strong.

My thought process: “Maggie the Choo-Choo Train” (In the horse world it’s not uncommon to call a strong horse a “freight train”).

“You know, none of the engines in Thomas the Tank Engine are guys.”

“Well, yeah. The female characters are carriages.”

“They have no agency and can only go where a guy takes them.”

“Thomas the Tank Engine is really sexist.”

You can now mock me for never having…

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Memory is a funny thing. I have to really concentrate to remember titbits of the route I took across campus in college, but I can mentally walk the entire route from my house to elementary school. (How much of that is from having to do it in a peasoup fog, though?)

Human memory is just plain weird, and here’s some ways in which it is particularly strange.

Time Slows Down When Forming Memories

Ever noticed how it takes longer to get somewhere, especially a new place, than to get back?

Now think about how long a year lasted when you were a teenager.

The more new…

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The Hugo awards are given out by the World Science Fiction Society. For those who don’t know, they are a two layer award. Both nominating and voting is restricted to members of the World Science Fiction Society.

Which means people who pay an annual fee to be a member. It’s usually about $50. So, it might as well be a popular choice award.

Hugos are given out in a number of categories, and these include two categories for Dramatic Presentation.

The Dramatic Presentation Categories and Rules

The two Hugos given for Dramatic Presentation are “Long Form” and “Short Form.”

This is a simple division by length…

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So, poulaines were these shoes guys wore back in Medieval times. They were known for having very, very long toes. Sometimes several inches. By the 15th century, wealthy men (and some wealthy women) wore them exclusively. In England, they were outlawed in 1463 because people were openly implying that they implied something about the length of a rather more private asset.

What Was the…Point?

Like many other more extreme fashion trends, the reason a guy wore very long toed poulaines was to demonstrate that you didn’t need to engage in physical labor.

In other words, they were hugely impractical, and that was the…

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Romeo & Juliet might be the best known of Shakespeare’s plays, especially in terms of how many people know what happened in it. Even without seeing or reading it. West Side Story and an entire slew of books take the story and put it in new places, in new situations.

That doesn’t, though, mean that most people understand it. The worst error is to call it romantic; not only is Romeo & Juliet not a romance in the modern sense, but it’s a tragedy in which the lovers are supposed to be that dumb.

And the other thing people misunderstand…

You are living in a very simplistic world.

Higher levels of testosterone produce more fast twitch muscles, which are good for lifting and sprinting (and also opening jars).

Lower levels result in more slow twitch muscles and thus greater endurance.

So, first of all, in some sports cis men have an advantage over cis women. Some. Running, especially over short distances is one of them. Also anything where size is an advantage. As men are taller, they generally beat women at basketball.

But these are not all sports and are, in fact, a relatively small number of sports. There is…

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It’s ravaging India, and now it’s here in the U.S. It’s responsible for an uptick in infections in the U.K.

So, how worried should we be about the Delta variant, and will it send us all back into the lockdown we barely escaped.

Let’s unpack some of the facts.

What is the Delta Variant?

The Delta variant is also known as B1617.2. It’s referred to as a “double mutant” because it has not one, but two mutations that are associated with increased contagion. There’s also indications that it causes more severe illness and is more likely to give you stomach flu. …

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The modern Olympiad is an international festival of sport. And it included women almost from the start; the second modern Olympics, in Paris in 1900, allowed women to compete in tennis, golf, sailing…and croquet. Archery was added in the next games.

But in the ancient games, only free male citizens were allowed to compete. In fact, at one point, women weren’t even supposed to watch, possibly because the athletes traditionally competed completely naked. No doubt some sneaked in, but there were threats to throw them into the river if they did.

Women, though, liked to play sport and that’s how…

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Content warning: I’m going to be talking about PAP smears in this article. I’m well aware that not everyone wants to read about this ;).

Regular PAP smears are recommended for anyone who has a cervix, although the frequency depends on your age and whether you are “sexually active” (more on that later).

Absolutely nobody enjoys them. Not the patient, not the provider. They’re unpleasant for everyone, painful for some, but they’re still the best method we have to detect cervical cancer early enough for it to be properly treated.

But after a conversation with my doctor, I came to…

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