A Quick Analysis of Project 2025

Jennifer R. Povey
6 min readSep 11, 2023
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It’s 920 pages of hate, and the people presenting it are trying to make it part of the platform of the Republican Party.

I read very quickly, so I read this so you don’t have to. I refuse to give them traffic by linking to it, but “Project 2025: Presidential Transition Project” shouldn’t be too hard to find.

All I’m going to do is list the things these people want to do to us:

  1. Outlaw “pornography,” by which they mean “Talking about trans people ever” and imprison anyone who produces it.
  2. Register teachers and librarians who provide any such material to children as sex offenders, thus destroying their livelihood.
  3. Shutter all technology firms that “facilitate” it.
  4. Exclude critical race theory from all public schools.
  5. Exclude “gender ideology” from all public schools.
  6. Rule any affirmation of a trans child’s gender to be child abuse.
  7. Ban anyone under 18 from using social media without parental consent.
  8. Bust all public sector unions.
  9. Use the army for border protection (the excuse is drugs)
  10. Make more nuclear bombs, because that’s always a good idea.
  11. Put military recruiters in secondary schools and address “discouraging” people from signing up.
  12. Require all kids to take a military aptitude test. What is this, Starship Troopers?
  13. Throw all trans people out of the military.
  14. Use special forces in the U.S. NO KIDDING.
  15. “Investigate” the Afghan evacuees we rescued from the Taliban.
  16. Put unaccompanied minors who cross the border in tent camps.
  17. Make it harder to get asylum.
  18. Remove visas given to victims of trafficking unless they “cooperate” with law enforcement.
  19. Repeal Temporary Protected Status, which is given to people in genuine danger while asylum proceedings take place.
  20. Remove subsidized flood insurance (this would make homes uninsurable in swathes of the country)
  21. Deny student loans if your school allows illegal aliens to have…



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