First Thoughts (Finally) on Star Trek: Discovery

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I didn’t think buying an entire streaming service for one show was a good ROI, so it’s taken me until now to get around to watching Star Trek: Discovery. I’ve now seen the first episode (and yes, I know the first two episodes are a prologue. Along with many other spoilers) and here are my thoughts.

Man, Have TV Special Effects Improved

It’s not as noticeable in shows like The Expanse, but it being Star Trek really highlights just how much more we can now do on a television budget.

My mind can’t help but compare all the back to the sixties. We’ve come a long way (although I still love watching older shows. I can sort of switch my mind into a kind of “I know the specials will suck” mode).

The space shots are some of the best I’ve seen lately. The uniforms have lost the lingering effect of “We have to make this look just as good in black and white” and I actually kind of want one for cons, when there are cons again. I still want a TOS minidress first, though.

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Photo by Photos Hobby on Unsplash

Those Klingons Aren’t as Bad as I Thought

Like a lot of people, I had a negative reaction to the “new” Klingons from the promo shots.

In the actual episode, though, they were not nearly as jarring, and I loved the fact that the Klingon crowd scenes showed an amazing variety of skin tones.

That also supported my vague theory that “Klingon” is a species in much the same way that “Roman” was an ethnicity. That there’s a lot of hybridization with conquered species and the considerable differences between TOS, TNG, and Discovery Klingons reflect which House is currently in ascendancy.

The more religious nature of Discovery Klingons supports that hypothesis too.

Sounds like Marc Okrand got some work too, and he’s such a nice guy I’m always glad to know he’s busy!

Michelle Yeoh Makes a Good Starship Captain

It’s kind of a shame she’s only in the first two episodes, because she does do a pretty good job of it.

I don’t have any negative reactions yet, although I’m sure they’ll come. Part of me is just glad to see Star Trek back where it belongs, on the small screen with the space needed to truly explore the core of Star Trek:

Human (and non-human) relationships.

Oh, and side note: I loved the extra tall cowardly prey alien!

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