For the Last Time, No, X is Not the New Doctor

Jennifer R. Povey
2 min readMar 30, 2022
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I love and adore speculating about who the new Doctor Who lead is going to be.

But every single time, people…often so-called media journalists make ridiculous reports as to who it is. There’s somebody at the Daily Mail who is obsessed with it being Kris Marshall. I can only assume he’s a fan who hopes if he says it long enough it will be true.

The two ridiculous reports this time are thankfully easy to debunk.

David Tennant

Rumor has it Tennant has signed a contract with Bad Wolf…but it’s not to come back as the Doctor.

How do I know?

Because he’s busy being Phileas Fogg! He’s not going to try and do both, he’s familiar with the physical demands of Doctor Who and the physical demands of Around the World are similar. He’s also very strongly involved with Around the World behind the scenes.

People never, ever take into account whether somebody is available for the job when they speculate. I kept telling people it wasn’t going to be Phoebe Waller-Bridge because she wouldn’t give up her own show (Fleabag) that she was writing to do it.

Hugh Grant

This one just made me fall out of my chair. I love Doctor Who but there’s no way Bad Wolf and the BBC could afford Hugh Grant.

He’d be doing it as a labor of love and it’s a full time job. No.

The only Doctor who hasn’t been a relative unknown was Peter Capaldi. The Doctor is usually a step up in somebody’s career. It’s almost always a breakout role given to somebody who truly deserves it.

Why would Hugh Grant do it?

I don’t even know where that one started.

I’m going to say this.

I enjoy the speculation. I would love to see Richard Ayoade. I would like Lydia West just because I don’t want to go back to a male doctor right away.

But I honestly believe whoever it is (and as production has officially begun, they are no doubt under contract and a multi-layer NDA with consequences to their soul) will be somebody I haven’t even considered. For this reason the only rumor I might give some credence to is Fady Elsayed, who posted and then deleted an image of himself at Bad Wolf…but that only means he was there…although Bad Wolf was created to film Doctor Who, he might be being a villain for an episode. Or a guest companion. Or the Rani. (Please let him be the Rani. I want the Rani, dang it).

It’s always somebody I haven’t considered, and it’s never who the tabloids think it is.

And please when you hear a rumor, consider whether it’s feasible for that person to be the one.



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