How to Make Sure People on Facebook Don’t Buy Your Books

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So, you’re on Facebook, because social media works for selling books. Here’s some great ways to make sure nobody on Facebook will buy your books.

Message Everyone on Your Friends List with the Link

There’s actually articles out there which explain the quickest way to send a Facebook message to your entire friends list. It’s great! They can’t opt out. Facebook will make sure they see it.

They’ll know exactly why they shouldn’t buy your book.

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Send a Friend Request then Immediately Invite Them to your Page or Group

Find people who look like they might like your books, and send them friend requests. Then when they accept immediately ask them to like your page.

Better yet, invite them to your private Facebook group so they’ll be seeing the posts from it for thirty days and know exactly what they’re missing by not joining.

Don’t Talk About Anything Other Than your Books

Nobody cares about your life or your opinions. Every single post should be about why they should (not) buy your books. That’s the reason you’re there, after all.

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Use Uncredited Artwork to Advertise Your Book

You found a great picture on Pinterest. It looks just like your MC. So why not use it to market your books.

You don’t need to go track down the artist and ask them for permission. It’s on the internet! You can use it!

Post your Book for Sale in Reader Discussion Groups

You should post your new release announcement or promotion in all of those wonderful groups set up for discussion amongst readers. Every single one. That will make sure your readers see it…

…and don’t buy it.

I have literally seen authors on Facebook do every single one of these things. None of them are made up. I get it. Book marketing is tough, but…bad marketing can do you more damage than no marketing at all.

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