How to Spot a Christian Dominionist

Jennifer R. Povey
2 min readMay 5, 2022
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Follow up from yesterday’s post. Somebody pointed out that Christian Dominionists are often very quiet about it. They can be very subtle. Some people also may have Dominionist tendencies but not identify as one.

So, here are some warning signs that the person you are talking to may be a Christian Dominionist.

  1. Checking the religion of political candidates and looking for receipts on it, before they look at anything else.
  2. Use of the term “Seven mountains” or “Seven spheres.”
  3. Referring to the Founding Fathers as devout, acting as if they are Evangelical Christians.
  4. “New Apostolic Reformation,” “Kingdom Now,” “Catholic Integralism,” (Catholic Dominionists are rarer but do exist), “7M,” “Spiritual Warfare Christianity,” “Latter Rain,” “lesser magistrate.”
  5. Calling the U.S. a “Christian nation.”
  6. Use of the phrase “Biblical law.”
  7. Talking about how oppressed Christians are.
  8. Talking about “religious liberty.” A lot. In ways which generally make it at least somewhat clear that they only mean Christianity.
  9. Heavy advocacy for Christian homeschooling and church-based schools. (Note, not all Christian homeschoolers are Dominionists, and far from all homeschoolers are even Christian. Some people just don’t trust public schools).

As a note, evangelical Christians are far from all Dominionists (I even found an essay from a guy at Liberty University who has a major issue with Dominionists, namely that they’re trying to “rush” the Kingdom of God before God is ready).

And not everyone who says these things is a Dominionist, although if they’re part of the NAR, they absolutely are.

Can anyone think of any more?

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