I don’t, but people need socialization. Humans are not going to give up funerals (older than our species), weddings, other celebrations. Restaurants are as old as any settlement larger than the family farm.

I do agree on not getting in people’s faces and a large part of me hopes for the end of the handshake. Not going to argue on that.

But the lockdowns are not sustainable. They will end one way or the other.

And if what was going on was “properly regulated social bubbles” as opposed to physical isolation, then that would be a different thing.

I haven’t seen a single one of my friends face to face since March because they’re all high risk or living with somebody high risk.

Many city dwellers can’t safety get TO a “regulated social bubble” as you put it.

We’re not changing our habits to something sustainable, but to something which is destroying everyone’s mental health, and that leads to destroying physical health.

And the way we deal with encounters with strangers is to ignore them. Which you can’t do when you’re trying to social distance…especially if they aren’t. I have to PAY ATTENTION to strangers now. Which is much worse.

You’re a guy; you probably don’t see strangers as a threat. Women do. Now that’s been doubled and tripled and quadrupled down on.

People DO naturally form social bubbles. But you have to be able to physically get to them for them to work.

Also, some of us get a buzz from being in large crowds; you’re clearly not one of them, but for some people it’s a major mood lift.

This is fairly incoherent, but the tl;dr: We can’t live under social distancing rules forever.

And it’s not entirely optimistic: Because we can’t, if we don’t get a vaccine then we ARE likely looking at a lot of dead people. Look at how people are behaving, as a whole? It’s really clear that we can’t live like this for any length of time.

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