1. None of us can live like this permanently. The only people who can be healthy in isolation are the mountain men types who aren’t neurotypical. Sooner or later we will HAVE to return to normal, one way or another. Improved hygiene, sure. Living like this? Not going to happen. Maybe if we had MUCH better VR, but we literally have alterations in our brain chemistry if we are excessively isolated, and virtual socialization does not reset those. Eventually people will say screw it, even the ones who are now being good. It’s not sustainable socially, economically, or psychologically. I do think we will see more people wearing masks during flu season, though.
  2. The general trend is for endemic viruses to weaken over time. COVID-19 will not stay a public health emergency forever any more than the Spanish Flu did (And yes, that strain of flu is endemic, but it’s…just another strain of the flu).

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Freelance writer, freelance editor, novelist and short story writer. Jack of many trades. https://www.jenniferrpovey.com/

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