Proof that I’m right that a lot of people don’t know right there ;).

The lizard people conspiracy was started by a former footballer (soccer) named David Vaughan Icke in the 1990s. Icke endorsed “The Protocols of the Elders of Zion” in his books, and was a known anti-Semite.

The lizard people/Annunaki are alien-human hybrids who “currently control the world” and while Icke never stated that they were the same as the Jews (and has in fact accused numerous Gentiles of being part of the entire thing). Icke himself denies that the theory was antisemitic, whilst blaming the Jews, literally, for Hitler. As in self-hating Jews put Hitler in power. And saying that “Jew” in the Protocols is a code word for, you guessed it, lizards. Regardless of whether Icke actually believes he wasn’t being anti-semitic, the lizard people conspiracy has been used against Jews by anti-semites, including the argument that Rh-negative blood types (more common in people of Jewish descent than the general population) are proof of alien (possibly lizard) blood.

The jury’s out on whether Icke intentionally started an anti-semitic conspiracy, but “lizard people” as a code word for “Jewish people” shows up fairly regularly amongst white supremacists. Because the conspiracy is not known to be that and Icke’s crazy makes for great storytelling, it then sometimes gets used by people who have no clue and are genuinely shocked when accused of anti-semitism.

The tl;dr, it’s a mess, but don’t use lizard people conspiracies.

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