The Weirdest Hotel Bathrooms I Have Encountered

Jennifer R. Povey
3 min readAug 11, 2022
Photo by Lisa Moyneur on Unsplash

In most chain hotels in the U.S. hotel bathrooms come in two kinds: With the sink in the room or with the sink in the bathroom. They also often don’t lock. (Yes, this has been an issue. I do sometimes share rooms with people other than my husband).

But in my travels, I have encountered some truly strange bathrooms. Here’s some of the gems.

Bathroom, What Bathroom?

Tallinn, Estonia. We got an availability upgrade to an executive suite, no extra cost, so overall this was one of the nicest rooms we have ever stayed in. Plenty of seating (why do hotel rooms have one chair?), incredibly pretty, but the “bathroom” arrangements were something else.

This hotel room had a toilet in a closet…i.e. an actual water closet. The sink was then on the other side of the room, next to the bath tub with over tub shower.

As in.

The bath tub was in the hotel room. There was a curtain you could pull around it that sort of gave privacy. And it was in a side nook so you could kind of ignore your partner showering.

But there was one that was even better…the same arrangement in the middle of the room. We elected to avoid that room, which is to be found in a B&B in Tombstone, Arizona. It’s being marketed as a honeymoon suite. The fact that the B&B concerned is a former bordello makes it more amusing.

How comfortable would you be showering in the middle of your hotel room?

The Scottish Hangover Cure

I know the Scots are known for their engineering skills, but this was ridiculous. This bathroom is to be found in an upmarket B&B in Edinburgh, Scotland.

It’s a walk in shower which you need to be an engineer to understand, with multiple dials to precisely adjust water pressure and temperature.

But if you hit the wrong setting, the vertical pipe running up through the shower will spray you with cold water at considerable force. From nozzles set into the pipe.

I.e., the length of your body.

They provided free whisky and wine in the room. The only purpose for this shower that I could think of was for the morning after…

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