Trans women in men’s prison are routinely:


Raped (Trans women are nearly ten times more likely than men to be assaulted).

Forced to prostitute themselves to other inmates or the guards to avoid being beaten.

Denied medical treatment and otherwise coerced into detransitioning.

Strip searched more than other prisoners.

Put in solitary confinement for extended period of time to “protect” them.

All of these happen even more to trans women of color. This is ROUTINE.

Now, trans women like Karen White, who was guilty of raping other women? No, THEY should not be in female general population.

The system should take into account arrest history and whether the individual is genuinely transitioning (has been living as a woman for a period of time, etc).

It’s possible to protect ALL women. Not just the cis ones. Which means taking each trans woman case by case, taking steps to ensure that rapists are not confined with people they victimize (and I’m not averse to putting THEM in solitary), that men aren’t actually trying to sneak into women’s prisons because they think they’ll be better off, that trans women who haven’t undergone surgery aren’t put as cell mates with rape victims. Ya know, common sense stuff. Balance. A good therapist should the heck be able to identify a guy who’s trying to con them.

Oh, as for the sex offender statistic…that includes sex workers who break the rules. Given discrimination against them, trans women are often forced into prostitution. Especially, again, trans women of color.

I do get the concern. I’m not dismissing it. But making sure one group of women gets raped and denigrated because of a mostly theoretical (The only incident I can find is Karen White, and that bitch belongs in solitary) threat to another is not protecting women.

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