Why I, A Middle-Aged White Woman, No Longer Call the Police in America

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I’ve lived in America for over twenty years. In that time I have called the police only a few times (And I’m not counting calling the state troopers and asking them to please remove dangerous debris from the highway, which has happened twice).

As things stand, I may never call them again until and unless something is done.

I’m exactly the kind of person the cops will protect. Demographically, I’m exactly the kind of person who weaponizes the cops to support her own racism. I don’t know how old Amy Cooper is, but I’m betting we’re close in age as well as in skin color.

Which is exactly why I don’t call the police. For me to call them, it would have to be a situation where somebody’s life was in danger and I was absolutely okay with the perpetrator potentially dying.

We Need to Get Rid of the Police we Have

Defund the police?

Disband the police.

Fire the lot of them and hire back the few good ones.

Am I being extreme? I don’t think so. For what triggered this rant…I live in Virginia, where the Portsmouth police issued a felony warrant against state Senator L. Louise Lucas, who is Black, the day before a special session to discuss police reform.

The allegation is that she helped destroy a statue.

They are literally trying to arrest a politician for wanting to put even a bit of a leash on them. They probably know the charges are BS, but if they can put her in a cell for the duration of the special session… (They also went after a whole bunch of other people, including several public defenders).

The police in my own county went across the river into DC to help tear gas clergy so Trump could get his blasted photo op outside a church.

And that’s just what’s going on here. Even before that, I refused to call the cops on a guy who was literally hitting his wife in public, because the cops would probably have shot both of them (Yes, they were Black. The situation was dealt with in the community).

The police are out of control.

What Solution do I Want?

It has to go past mere reform. The police have become a fraternity, a racist organization that instils racism in its people. Good cops? They generally don’t last long. Either they quit when they realize they can’t fix it, or they get fired for not using excessive force.

I can’t imagine a solution short of starting over. We have to bust police unions (and I say this as a borderline socialist) because they are not acting as unions.

We have to reduce armed response to a minimum.

We only hear about police killings. We don’t hear about cases where Black people are merely harassed, beaten up, or have dogs set on them. (And research shows that it’s literally possible to teach dogs to be racist).

We have to disband and reform entire departments, we have to hunt down the people who actually want to do good, bring them back, and give them agency.

We have to replace the majority of police response with unarmed “community support officers.” We don’t need an armed cop to talk to a homeless guy who’s blocking traffic. We certainly don’t need an armed cop to talk down a suicide. Cops are trained to use force when they feel threatened. That’s fine when force is warranted, but when your only tool is a gun…

I’m done with the police as they stand in America.

Oh, and as a side note, let’s get rid of for profit prisons too…

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